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Brittany was born and raised in North Carolina. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing and a Master's Degree in Education Management. Craving success, after finishing grad school she left North Carolina and moved to Atlanta to focus on her passion. She has always had an eye for fashion, never afraid to step outside of her comfort zone and set new trends. As a young girl she use to watch her aunts get dolled up for different occasions and finish their completed outfit looks with a pair of shades. That is when she knew that creating her own footsteps in the fashion industry and starting her own business would eventually be her ultimate goal. While working in a major department store, her eagerness grew to create a brand to call her own. In 2018, she established Shade911 to give trendsetting women a must have eye-wear collection for an affordable price. Creating her own lane in the fashion industry she has established customers from coast to coast. She has given women across the world a reason to crave eye-wear as a finishing touch to their daily wardrobe.

Shade911, LLC is an e-commerce eye-wear brand that focuses on providing affordable everyday eye-wear accessories to on-trend women. Owned, and operated by Brittany, with the vision that Shade911 will reach local and national markets and eventually become a global lifestyle brand. We encourage women to feel comfortable with enhancing their daily looks, by making a statement with their eye-wear. We do not only want our customers to look great, but we also want them to feel great. Building Shade911 from the ground up, starting with just 5 styles of shades, through hard work, dedication and consistency, over the course of 3 years we have evolved into a full eye-wear brand for women. In addition to sunglasses, Shade911 now offers Blue Light Frames and Face Shields. We pride ourselves on having quality products and offering exceptional customer service. Our products are for women who are confident in their wardrobe selection and are ready to “POP-OUT” on any occasion. It is our duty to ensure that our customers know that everyday is a SHADE EMERGENCY!